The Little Things

A La Mecànica and Teatre Principal de Palma coproduction,

with the collaboration of Ajuntament de Capdepera

Premiere 2 January 2021
Teatre Principal de Palma

Les Petites Coses is the result of months of research, reflection and creation around the space between you, the adults and you, the children. A show built from the experiences of the team, and a group of parents who have wanted to share experiences and walk with us on this journey that one day changed our lives.

We talk about us, the adults, about how we see you the children, how we listen to you and how, looking at you, we wonder what happened that one day, as adults, we stopped playing.

You, the children, have the right to grow up knowing that your ideas matter and deserve to be heard, and that we, the adults, just have to learn to listen to them. Because educating and accompanying will be, possibly, the most transcendent thing we will ever be able to do for humanity.

Director :

Performers :

Dramaturgy :

Cientific advisor :

Artistic advisor :

Sound design :

Set design :

Visual artist :

Mapping and AV :

Lighting design :

Costumes :

Props and dressing :

Set construction :

Pedagogic project :

Production Assistant :

Creative Producer :

Pau Bachero

Aina Zanoguera

Alejandro Navarro

Borja Tous

Carme Serna

Pau Bachero

Marga Salas

Jonathan Holloway

Mon Joan Tiquat

Alfred Cases

Claudio Capellini

Marc Homar Marín

Jenny Vila

Angie Vallori

Andrea Custodio

Borja Tous

Paula Vila

Bel Albertí

Jenny Vila



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