Yet Another Fleeting Hour

A coproduction between La Mecànica & Théâtre du Mouvement

Award for Best Show

"Noches FETEN 2016"


As we wait for this brilliant and constantly surprising hour to begin, three suited men, like Tati, Thiérrée or Keaton emerge from their boxes.

From refined virtuosity to acrobatic movement, their communication is universal; physical, imagined, musical and poetic. Broken down words and unexpected sounds interact and play games with their bodies, in a shifting, deteriorating and increasingly chaotic manner.


From planks to blocks, blocks to cubes, cubes to sheets of paper; they embark on an improbable journey of immeasurable scale; swiftly transforming the space with what's available to them.


In a Terry Gilliamesque finale, our heroes end up lost, overwhelmed and immersed in an ecstatic and theatre engulfing blizzard of paperwork and hot air.

“This unclassifiable performance is simply hilarious, bewildering, messy and spectacularly solved”.

★★★★★ La Provence

“Contorsionistes, però també poetes del gest, somniadors de l’espai, acròbates i malabaristes. Així i tot, això no resumeix el seu univers que, durant una bon hora, també és el nostre.”

★★★★★ L’Humanité

“A tour de force, a beautiful, fine, subtle work of beauty, crossed by an incredible energy” Toute la Culture.

“A skilful contortion of language and body that provokes an uncontrollable admiration”

★★★★★ Théâtrorama



Musical score: 


Musical Soundscape:


Artistic Associate: 


Technical Manager: 



Creative Producer:

Claire Heggen

Georges Aperghis

Pau Bachero, Albert Mèlich, Alejandro Navarro

Richard Dubelski Lighting

Etienne Dousselin

Yves Marc

Jean-Jacques Delmotte

Manu Martínez Assistant

Joana Castell

Sandrine Penda

Jenny Vila


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