Physical, immersive, and interactive theater show in a non-conventional format for adolescent and adult audiences, with an app designed by La Fura dels Baus (Èpica Foundation).

An immersive show of physical theater and new technologies aimed at young people aged 12 and above, as well as adults who were once adolescents.

A proposal of non-conventional format that invites the audience to be part of the evolution of life. What path will we draw? An intergenerational reflection on our fleeting passage through this physical and digital world.


ODISSEES offers a unique theatrical experience that, through collaboration with La Fura dels Baus and the Kalliopé 2 application, allows the audience to interact with the performers and the environment using their own mobile phones.

The show explores relevant themes for today's youth such as identity, technology, and personal relationships, which also affect adults, and we reflect on our responsibility in the face of the challenges facing today's youth.

This show is part of the MICA Project - Mediation and Community in Action - designed to create bridges between the artistic world and the community. Through this project, we are developing ADOLEAGENTS, a plan for social and artistic activation aimed at young people in the Balearic Islands in all their diversity.

With ODISSEES, there is an artistic commission composed entirely of young people who advise us on dramaturgy and aesthetics during the creation process. In this way, we offer a different approach to performing arts, where debate and critical thinking are present, with the possibility of getting closer to the various professions involved in a theatrical production.


Artistic team:

Director and dramaturgy: Pau Bachero

Performers: Sienna Vila, Joan Maria Pascual

Assistant director and dramaturgy: Carme Serna

Artistic advisory: Jonathan Holloway

Scientific advisory: Marga Salas

Sound design: Joan Vila

Visual conception: Carme Serna

New technologies: Marc Homar

Costume design: Aina Moroms

Lighting design: Jenny Vila

Mediation and community: MICA Project

Social impact manager: Ima Ferri

Artistic commission: Àngela Danet Oliver, Ariadna Picos Gelabert, Arnau Jutglar Gomez, Carla Martínez Oliver, Claudia Landaeta Beascoechea, Damiana Catalán Adrover, Irene Ysasi Justo, Laia Comas Artigas, Lia Golomb Montaña, Marta Rigo Aznar, Mikel Mantxola Barrera, Yolanda Kremp

Scenic space: Andrea Custodio

Costume assistant: Mimi Coralio

Technical director; Juanro Campos

Photography: Luca Rocchi

Video: Pau Pascual

Communication and social media: Aina Zanoguera

Administration: Sandra G. Lara

Production assistant: Joana Peralta

Creative production: Jenny Vila