La Mecànica

About us

La Mecànica is a female-led international production company based in Mallorca, specialising in the creation and production of physical and visual theatre, as well as the executive production of large-scale international projects. We connect artists from the Balearic Islands with artists from around the world, fostering collaborations that transcend borders.

We also produce festivals, as well as community engagement projects, capacity building workshops and generating innovative and inclusive projects that promote cultural diversity and social impact.

Jenny Vila
Founder / Creative producer / LD
Mariona Jaume
Community / Projects
Sienna Vila
Production assist. / Performer
Sandra G.
Administration / Production

The team

Pau Bachero
Founder / Director / Performer
Joan Vila
Composer / Performer

Equip artístic

Marga Salas
Community Engagement
Jonathan Holloway
Artistic advisor
Borja Tous
Alejandro Navarro
Aina Zanoguera
Performer / Social media
Carme Serna
Assist. director / Performer
Gypsy Nel.lo
Joan Mª Pascual
Juanro Campos
Technical director
Marki Homar
New technologies
Pau Pascual
Video and photo
Aina Moroms
Luca Rocchi
Joana Peralta